Improve your caption writing and Photoshop skills in less than one hour

Herff Jones

Our goal is to help you train your staff. Two areas we see staffers struggle is caption writing and Photoshop skills. In this post you will find two videos, the first is a 26 minute video by the Yearbook Adviser at Waunakee High School, Mr. Willauer. He presented this session at the 2017 KEMPA Fall Conference at UW Whitewater.

Have your students be prepared to participate in the presentation, practicing writing captions. You can pause the video for them to write at the prompts.


The second video is just over 5 minutes and will help your students create cutouts with smooth edges and realistic hair.

Both videos can be revisited on their respective pages on this website. These are just the beginning in a series of videos we are going to offer. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of guest speakers.


One thought on “Improve your caption writing and Photoshop skills in less than one hour

  1. Thank you for creating and posting these videos. I use them in class & club and/or I assign them to be watched. It is nice to have this resource.


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