You are history makers! Spread the Virtual Spirit

Herff Jones

Our lives are changing every day, and how we finish up the school year is evolving minute by minute. As yearbookers we have the important job of recording the school year and making sure all the memories of this year are included. We want you to consider yourselves as Virtual Spirit Warriors!

We need positive thoughts right now. It is easy to consider not covering events that may not happen, like Spring Sports, the Musical, Prom or even Graduation. But lets consider all the students who have already been at practice for their sport, who have gone through tryouts for the musical or have purchased a prom dress, we can still tell their stories in a new and creative way. So before you make any decisions about the completion of your book, lets start brainstorming alternative coverage! We could be that bright spot that everyone will look forward to after we can all get back together!

We have started a list of coverage ideas CLICK HERE to go to a google sheet. You can add your ideas and check back often for more content. For a list of interview questions per activity, here is a 20 ideas PDF.

We can help you adjust templates, we have been gathering ideas. Just let us know when your ready, and we are here for you! If you need assistance gathering content, we can help with that as well. Consider 5 Star Students surveys, Google surveys, twitter surveys to gain content. It will also bring a bright spot in someones day if you reach out and start asking them questions about sports and events they are passionate about.

Lets bring VIRTUAL SPIRIT to our school community, spread the word that you are still covering their school year, no matter how different it looks!

Follow us on Facebook @MO’re Yearbooks and on Instagram@yrbktraditions for fun brain breaks and the latest in the yearbook world! For inspirational 10 minute breaks, check out our Believe in You videos, they will inspire you to do more!

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