Theme, Covers & Endsheets

Before you even consider a theme, start brainstorming content, we have a presentation and podcast to share with you to start this process. When you are ready to narrow down your theme, check out this THEME lists A-D E-J K-O P-S T-Z Connect here to our online Portfolio Idea Book for inspiration. We would be happy to bring you a hard copy.

Here are some resources, thanks to Yearbook Whys Podcasts (Click on the link to scroll through the content) for your staff to help brainstorm ideas:

There are so many options with covers and endsheets so think outside the box. Set an appointment with us today and we can bring in tons of samples so that your yearbook is one of a kind. If you want an online artist session, with a company artist, we can do that.

To see some the transformation of a cover and theme, check out this short 1.5 minute video. For even more videos showing awesome ideas follow hjyearbook on Instagram.


Just a few options:

  • UV Gloss
  • Raised UV
  • Glow in the Dark ink
  • Plexi quarter-bound
  • Embossing / Debossing
  • Die Cut
  • Glitter
  • Foil
  • Leather
  • Fusion
  • Soft Lamination
  • Thermal
  • Sculptured die
  • Check out Pinterest for inspiration