Infographs to Expand Coverage

Infographs can be used to expand the coverage and are fun to make. On the Copyright & Free Images page of this website, there are links to infograph generators as well as samples for inspiration.

Great FREE resources to make infographs like you see in magazines including pie graphs, Use CANVA, Venngage or Pictochart. While you have the account, improve the look of your social media by using the Instagram templates. They are easy to use and you can use the the app version on your smart phone.

We have been making them in HJ eDesign, (samples below) and would be happy to share the editable versions as pop ins into your site. Send us your ideas, and we will help you create them! We will add samples here for you to get ideas. CHECK OUT this link for samples on Pinterest.

Polls and Surveys

To make a poll or survey compelling, you need to poll at least 20% of a specific group. Also publish in the graph how many people you polled. Gathering statistics can be found at the following sites FiveThirtyEight and DataUSA

Some resources to conduct surveys are Survey Monkey, Google Forms or 5 Star Students


INFOGRAPH 3infograph option 1-4 2infograph option 1-4 3

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